Apostolic Communities


The Catholic community here began in 1989 (about twenty five years ago) through the effort of SMA missionaries such as Fr. Jaques Smeele, Fr. Francis Mulders and some Catholic faithfuls such Mrs. Georgina Agbley. Since then it has continue to grow steadily with an unbroken chain of SMA presence.

And on the 31st January, 2015, it was officially declared a parish during the dedication and consecration of the church by Most Rev. Charles Palmer-Buckle, Archbishop of Accra.

The parish is still run pastorally by a team of SMA priests (Fr. Nimorious Domanzing and Fr. Malong Jonathan) and could also serve as a place for mission animation for the SMA. It intends to grow in number especially after the completion and dedication of a modern church edifice. Other projects envisaged are the establishment of a school and to continue to assist the less privileged students in pursue of their education.

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Historical note and Description of our Apostolate

The S.M.A. house of formation is the second stage for the preparation of students towardsthe priestly vocation after their initial preparation at the minor seminary. Located at Sowutuom, a suburb of Accra that used to be a hide out for armed robbers, and as such, any one coming around should hold his gun and be primed for attack. The seminary being one of the early few settlement on the land, house a number of congregations undergoing seminary formation and Converts including ours. The House of Formation shares boundaries with the Franciscan friars and the diocesans who accommodates seminarians of S.M.A. and other congregations for academic studies.

The S.MA. Formation House admits and houses students undergoing their philosophical studies. Established over twenty years, the house have in the pass accommodated candidates from francophone countries such as Togo and even Liberians, but currently houses only Ghanaians. Our apostolate demands that students undergo their philosophical studies in view of broadening their rational capacities and thinking abilities as they prepare for their theological studies. Students undergo training through the four pillars of seminary formation under the guidance of their formators. Occasional pastoral visitations to churches and some deprived communities such as Hope for life is also embarked on.

Aim or purpose of our Apostolate

  1. 1. The primary aim of our apostolate is to offer training for seminarians in their journey to becoming priests through the four pillars of formation; that is human development, intellectual development, spiritual development and pastoral development.
  2. 2. It is our goal to help the seminarians discover their true self in their discernment.

Activities of Our Apostolate

The house embarks on a number of activities that are programmed and on daily routine bases, whiles others are on weekly, such as Mission studies and French lessons. Among our routine programmes include Lauds(morning prayers), Eucharistic celebration, Morning assignments, and Academic works at St. Paul Catholic Seminary, Sports, Manual work, and Vespers(evening prayers). Aside this, the house organizes monthly community celebration where seminarians and formators come together to have fun and socialize. Monthly recollections are also organized for seminarians to deepen their spiritual growth. Some pastoral works are also embarked on as and when the need arises.

Present reality Of Our Apostolate

It is the desire of our apostolate to embark on weekly pastoral duties outside our vicinity, but time factor and nearness of the pastoral ground to the formation house hinders our inability, due to our academic work and tightness of the seminary programme. The formation house has over the years not seen much renovation or maintenance works as far as maintaining the building and some basic facilities in the house is concern and this has led to some forms of discomfort to the users of the facilities, thus formators and seminaries. Among some maintenance works that needs greater attention include painting, plumbing works, ceiling leakages, water closets and urinal pots damages, cracks in bath house tiles, poly tank leakage, just to mention but few. Again the house is challenged with accessibility of reading materials to enhance academic works. Most materials available in the library are currently out of date and do not ensure proper academic research.

Future Plans of Our Apostolate

Uncovering and widening pastoral grounds for pastoral works · Establishing a well develop seminary farm for food and animals products,for the house consumption. · Developing a well-planned students playing field · Establishing a bigger chapel to cater for individual parishioners close to our vicinity

Membership of Apostolate

  • Rev. Fr. Sylvere Atta - Superior
  • Rev. Fr. Roy Marana -Vice Superior/ Dean of Students
  • Davis Tetteh Angmor- Philosophy Two Student
  • Benjamin Benedictus Bondzie - Philosophy Two Student
  • Abraham Ndomwine Guolitiri - Philosophy Two Student
  • Matthew Abee - Philosophy One Student
  • Kenneth Kwame Frimpong - Philosophy One Student
  • Nicholas Odame - Philosophy One Student
  • Francis Ang-Nadi - Philosophy One Student
  • Vincent AmistadDomfeh - Philosophy One Student

Contact Us

S.M.A. House of Formation
Address: P.O.Box, AH274 Achimota-Accra
E-mail: frmoreausowutuom@yahoo.com
Phone: +233576401609 / +233545256329

winneba sma parish

Preparatory Program. Sma House Po Box: 36, Winneba, C/R.

Two formators and 7 students: 4 from Togo and 3 from Ivory Coast. In accordance with the recommendation of the Plenary council held in Rome in 2014, a Preparatory program for SMA candidates from Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Liberia has been put into place by the superior of DFGG and his council in the former regional house in Winneba. Hence, on the 5th January 2015, the house started its program for 6 months by welcoming 7 candidates. Three from Ivory Cost and four from Togo. In fact, The preparatory program aims at helping candidates to discern their call to missionary life as SMA before they start the first step of the initial formation of philosophy studies. Taking into consideration, the guidelines outlined in the SMA Charter of formation, the program based its activities on the four dimensions of formation namely:

  • - spiritual dimension
  • - the personal and communitarian aspect
  • - the intellectual dimension
  • - and the pastoral.

A total number of 9 courses namely: Introduction to Bible, Spirituality, History of SMA, Human development, Doctrine of the Catholic Church, (CCC), Music French, English and Fante langues are offered so as to help the students in the process of their vocation's discernment.


SMA Lay Missionary, American Province - Buduburam Refugee Camp

Time in Ghana, 2 and a half years at present. I work at Buduburam Refugee Camp in Southern Ghana. I started in the HIV department at St. Gregory Clinic on the camp and after just a few months I was asked to help physical therapy on the disabled children at Point Hope School. Point Hope was started by an American as a pre-school for children who do not have a disability but the NGO wanted to incorporate disabled children as well. I started with 1 child and at present I have 41 children in the program with various disabilities. The purpose of the program is to work on what ever the delay the child is having, be it walking, speech, sitting up, or mental delays. I do physical therapy on 11 of the 41 children but I spend time with each child giving love and attention which many of them get very little of. I believe the program will continue to grow and as long as God sends them I will accept them into the program.

Joe Worthington
SMA Lay Missionary, American Province

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