Grand Opening of Bresillac Catholic School, Oshuiman Amamoley Estate -Accra, Ghana

#39. Grand Opening of Bresillac Catholic School, Oshuiman Amamoley Estate -Accra, Ghana

The grand opening of BRESILLAC CATHOLIC SCHOOL is scheduled on 3rd December 2022 at exactly 9:00 am on the school premises

The school opened on 17th January 2022 to admit its first set of pupils from Nursery 1 - Basic Primary 4.

Comments from parents at their Parent Teacher Association meeting held on 3rd March 2022, indicate that the school has already started serving its purpose of providing the quality Catholic education that the community has longed for.

Parents were excited to have a Catholic school in the vicinity and mentioned they have seen great improvement in the behavioral and academic patterns of their wards within the 2 months. They were also particularly happy about the conducive environment of the school which stimulates learning and contributes greatly to the psychological wellbeing of the children.

Over the years, children who go through Catholic education are known to be more disciplined and grow up to be
responsible citizens impacting the community positively. It is therefore not surprising to note that, most of the
influential people in the Ghanaian communities passed through Catholic Education Institutions.
However, in recent times, most Catholic Institutions are now government-owned and have lost touch with the Catholic
faith and discipline due to strict government instructions.

Bresillac Catholic School, is the first Purely Catholic Private School in the Ga North, Ga West, Kwabenya, and
Achimota enclave consisting of 19 (Nineteen) and more Catholic Church Communities and Out-Stations.

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