Street Children Project (SCP) is a non-governmental organization concerned about the plight of vulnerable children, particularly young girls who live and work on the streets of Kumasi, Ghana. The Project was established in 2005 by the Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi to address the needs of vulnerable children who live on the streets of Kumasi.

Street Children Project is managed by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul, a female religious congregation founded in France, in 1633 by St. Vincent De Paul and St. Louise De Marillac for the service of the poor. The Daughters of Charity have their general headquarters in Paris- France and their Provincial headquarters in Nigeria- West Africa.

It is estimated that as many as 20,000 children/youngsters between the ages of 5-18 years, roam the streets of Kumasi without care, parental guidance, shelter, and other basic necessities of life. These children have no access to education or enterprise training and are likely to grow up in poverty and constitute societal nuisance. This are normally young migrants from the North, who flee extreme poverty situations and come to see greener pastures in the city. They end up engaging in carrying of load, commercial sex work and other undignified activities to earn a living.

Street Children Project is concerned about the predicament of children in street situation, their early exposures to abuses and the harmful effects of street life on children and how these children can be provided with a better future. The Project views streetism (children living on the streets) as a serious social problem that needs corporate interventions from the Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, and international organizations to tackle.

As a Project, we address the problem of children on the street of Kumasi through various interventions/programmes. Services provided for them include support in skill training, support in formal education, and early childhood education for children of street mothers. Beneficiaries of our project activities are children in street situation from the age of 0-18 years.

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