Oku usually called "Oku republic" is a village situated in the Ashanti region in Ghana. It is a remote village dominated by people who mostly migrated from northern Ghana in search of green pasture. As a remote village it has its own challenges among which we have the lack of electricity; the outstanding one is the lack of water.

The climate change if not the global warming has serious impact on this part of the world though it contributes a little in it. Due to that, we note a heavy dry season which has so many impacts on the lives of the people knowing that they are mostly farmers. Subsequently there is a little harvest, and of course no water.

We could have in such case rely on a water drill but unfortunately there is none in the village. We all rely on the small water remaining in the small river we can find in the village. With eyes raised to heaven, we hope for the rain to fall before it is too late.

posted by: Bright